Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well, what a week! To begin with, we decided to host the "Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima" at our house. The Legion of Mary chapter at our church started the program and they bring a blessed statue of Mary to your house for a week. We were the first family to host her and we asked her for her intercession to help bring Julia home. As you know whatever Mary asks her Son, he does. (remember the wedding wine at Cana) She had been here three days and wham! we had our LOA! Our agency was shocked; they were not expecting it so soon. The average amount of days from LID to LOA for our agency is 74 days and we received our acceptance on day 49!

So when will we travel? Our agency hopes by the end of December based on timelines they have dealt with in the last few months. I'm very excited but also a little nervous due to it being very cold weather in Inner Mongolia at that time of year.
We filled out our I-800 paperwork and it was sent on Friday, the 18th to the NBC.

I know several of you readers out there are not catholic and don't believe in the power of Mary's intercession with her Son, but His mother holds a special place with Him. She whispers her requests in His ear in Heaven and He does what she asks of him.