Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Pictures from Summer

Here are a few more pictures!

Summertime in Texas

Hi Everyone, We had a very busy spring and now that's it's summer, it's been nice to slow down. Julia and Lydia are doing very well. Lydia made her first communion in mid-May and Julia completed Kindergarten plus one month of summer school. I'm gearing up to go back to work full-time as a school counselor. I was blessed to be hired in our town's school district and will be able to take the girls with me to my school.

On Memorial Day weekend we traveled to Tennessee for my nephew's wedding and Julia was the hit on the dance floor. She was so cute and it was wonderful to see how Lydia was always there to help her.

Also, we were blessed to be able to visit with Jacob and Carrie while they visit the States. Julia was so happy to see them and so were we. It brought back really good memories of our visit with them in China.

I still enjoy keeping up with all of you and apologize for my lack of posting. Enjoy the pictures!

Blessings, Michelle