Friday, October 2, 2009

Julia Update

We spoke to Julia the other night through Skype and she was so excited. It was the Autumn Moon Festival plus National Day. She was looking forward to eating mooncake and told us that her older foster sister would be dancing in Tiananmen Square.

She sang to us in Chinese and we asked her if she could count to 10 for us in Chinese. Mark and I wanted to hear her say the numbers in her language. She looked at us like she was offended and told the translator that she could count to 100 not just to 10! She then counted to 100 to show us. We know that she is very smart and we didn't mean to insult her. I love her spirit!

I love this photograph of her too; I wonder what's going on in her mind. I can only imagine!

We're still in the wait mode for TA and with everything being closed this next week, don't expect any news for a while.


  1. Precious....Julia is one smart lady! Praying you rec'v TA soon!


  2. I love this photo of Julia, too!...her braids area adorable on her and they definitely captured a beautiful image of a very 'focused' Julia! Sweet!! :)

    Can't wait until you have your TA! I'll be watching for the big announcement!! Have a blessed weekend! <><

    (Khloe's Mama)

  3. Look at how long her hair has gotten! Oh my she is so precious....I love Julia! I can't believe you got to skype with are so blessed!