Monday, November 23, 2009

First Step

We made it to New Jersey and are enjoying a leisurely night before the long plane ride tomorrow. Our bags were nicely under weight so that made it easy to tote them around.

We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers! Please keep them flowing! Also, please pray for Julia and her foster family. We have heard that her foster family is having a difficult time.

Next time we post, we will be in China. Blessings to all of you, Michelle, Mark, and Lydia


  1. I am so excited for all of you and I am so excited to meet Julia real soon!

  2. We heard the same thing about her foster family, and will will certainly be praying. Isn't it wonderful to know though, how deeply loved that Julia is?! Because of this she will likely grieve...but also because of this, she will deeply love!! I mean, seriously now!?~Who wouldn't miss having the "joy of Julia" around!!?!! ;) She is such a happy spirit! Can't wait to see her meeting her new mama and baba!! Enjoy your evening and God bless! <><

  3. Hey Michelle, Mark, and Lydia!

    I am dying for an update!!!! This is so hard waiting. Hahaha. I've never been patient : ) I heard that you guys got to meet Julia once you got off the airplane?! That's awesome! Write me soon, and I want to see pictures!!!!! I am praying for you guys, keep warm, everyone here is thinking about you.