Monday, November 30, 2009

First Day in Hohot

We woke up early this morning, 5:00am! Julia and Lydia had slept very well and everyone was in a good mood. We had a 9:00 appointment to complete government paperwork. When we arrived at the hotel where the orphanage officials were, there were two other adoptive families with infants in the room. They were from Spain. I was able to speak with them in Spanish and it seemed much easier to do that here than at home. I've noticed that since we arrived and all we hear is Chinese, my brain is thinking in Spanish. Interesting!

We filled out paperwork for about an hour and a half. I've never put my fingerprint on so many papers before. We were the first ones finished, then we had to go to the airline office to book our flight for Guangzhou.

Thankfully we had the rest of the afternoon free. We ate lunch and all of us took a nap.

One of the things that is interesting about this city is that right here in the upscale commercial center, there are still donkey carts, live chickens, and small vendors. There are Mongolian symbols on a lot of buildings. I think it is a neat place! It is very cold, but we aren't out in it very long.

Tomorrow we will get Julia's passport and hopefully we can do some sightseeing. We will let you know next post. Until then...............blessings, Michelle, Mark, Lydia, and Julia


  1. Love the picture of Lydia and Julia taking a nap.


  2. I know you love having BOTH of your girls snuggled up in that bed together. SISTERS!!! Oh the glory of it!

  3. LOVE the sleeping sisters picture :) :)

    Thank you for sharing this journey!!!

  4. The picture of Lydia and Julia asleep in bed is so precious! Finally together as SISTER after the long wait! Sounds like things are going very well. We are continuing to lift you all up in prayer. Safe travels to Guangzhou.

  5. Oh, I am so tickled at what a sweet transition seems to be taking place. God is so very, very good. I love seeing Julia's little hand print on her papers! Can't wait till it's Evans turn!

  6. That photo is just priceless!! It will surely be treasured for years to come!

    Hope you are able to do some sight-seeing before you fly off to Guangzhou. Such a neat experience for all of you!

    LOVE the red handprint on Julia's papers... it really makes things so official!! Just sweet! And of course, it also reminds me of the red handprints of Khloe's that Lindsay A. made for me when she was at NewDay this past summer...such a precious gift!!

    Big Hugs to all of You!!!