Thursday, November 26, 2009

A New World

Thanksgiving Day, November 26th

We made it to China and the flight went very well! Lydia was a trooper and didn't complain hardly at all. The driver from New Day Foster Home
met us at the airport and the free-for-all was on! I've never seen anyone maneuver around like she did. First of all, the smog was very thick and it was close to being dark and she was making her own lane on the freeway. It's a miracle that we didn't hit someone or get hit.

I know Lindsay A. talked about the "great divide" when going over the bridge to New Day and she was right. The freeway stopped and it became a one lane winding road for about twenty minutes. What was so scary was that people were walking and riding their bikes with no reflective lights or clothing and I just knew we were going to hit someone! What an adventure!

We arrived at the foster home, put our bags in our room, and about fifteen minutes later, Julia and her foster family arrived! Julia was in her foster
father's arms and she looked at us for a minute, then immediately jumped down to go to Lydia. She then gave me and Mark big hugs and was laughing her infamous belly laugh. Her foster mom and dad were very nice and they had also brought her little brother(foster), William.

We ate dinner together at New Day's cafeteria and the food was really good - very flavorful. The Kung Pao chicken was especially delicious.
Julia was super excited and she and Lydia started playing and running as soon as they ate. We are really going to have to help Julia know how to stop eating when her stomach is full. Her foster mom told her that she had had enough and Carrie told us that she will eat until she throws up.

It was such a blessing to see Julia with her foster family and how they interact. Her foster father told one of the New Day workers that he was glad that both of the children weren't leaving at the same time; he said he wouldn't be able to handle it.

We had a pretty good night's sleep; we slept until 5:00am. We spent the morning at the preschool and touring the foster home. The first child that I held was Reagan, then Lindsay, then Jennifer. Jennifer loved Lydia and spent five minutes staring at her while being held. We went downstairs and there was our Julia. She belted out Lydia and bolted to her; she also gave Mark and me hugs and kisses! She let me hold her and kiss her on her face and forehead; Julia wanted Lydia by her side at all times. We played with Elizabeth, Victoria, Drew, Evan, and Adahlyn. I went around the corner where the younger kids were and gave Khloe a big hug. She was eating her snack the first time, then later, she was eating lunch. I'll try to catch her at a better time tomorrow. Drew made a comment that his parents were coming soon to get him too! Evan sat in my lap while the girls played food server in the kitchen area; I went back to Drew, bent over and he unzipped my fleece top! He's going to be a ladies' man!

We were invited to Julia's foster parents house in the afternoon and we walked, There must be big animals that use the same street because we noticed a lot of poop on the road. There were leaves burning on the side of the road, trash being shoveled in the back of a truck(community garbage pick-up), stray dogs everywhere, and corn husks all over the place. Even with all that, I'm so glad we're here and see God's touch everywhere.

We had a nice visit with Julia's foster family. They served us bananas, peanuts, oranges, and hot tea. They asked us if we knew about Julia's medical condition and if we knew she was allergic to peaches and plums. We told them all about the pediatrician, Scottish Rite Hospital, her education plan, and how Lindsay asked us about adopting her. They made the comment that to them the process had moved very fast. We explained the whole time line and how it had taken us about sixteen months to get here. At the end of the gathering, they told us that they felt peaceful and happy about where she was going. Thank you Lord for making their hearts at peace.

I have more to tell, but jet lag has caught up with me. I'll update again tomorrow. 



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Family Day! What an awesome day. So happy to see your family united. Enjoy your time in China.

  2. I sent you a long e-mail, but I just had to comment this too : )
    I just love looking at the pictures, and reading everything. I'm living through you these next three weeks!
    I'm praying and thinking about youuuu!
    Love you SO much,

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Michelle! I just loved your post and am delighted that things are going well! I feel honored to be able to follow your journey. Give everyone a hug from our family! God bless. Doris

  4. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Julia Day to all of you! What a blessing that Lydia is with...I'm sure that will help Julia with the overall transition, too. I love that you were able to experience so much time with the children and see their daily routines. Thanks again for means so much. But this is YOUR time and I am SO, SO happy for you! I can see that Lindsay is so excited, too... I knew she would be!! :) Prayers continue to go up for all of you during this beautiful journey. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  5. I've got tears of joy flowing!!! I am SO very happy for you and your family...and for Julia to finally be with all of you! What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift!!!

  6. Wow. That is truly a pace for them (the foster parents) that could have only come from God. I teared up thinking that the time had gone really fast for them. Of course it did. They were preparing to say goodbye to "their" little girl. I am so glad you got to spend the time with them make the transition for Julia. I cannot wait for the healing to begin for her little heart. I think it already has. I know she is adored.

  7. I haven't had much access to a computer over the past few days, and when I checked in on your blog...I was so glad to see this post!! It's wonderful to know you have met Julia and her family, and it sounds like things are going well. This must be so bittersweet for them....for you all. It's such a blessing Julia is going from one loving family to yours...and God is truly in the center of this all!! He will tend to everyone's hearts as needed during this transition. God is good!!

    Sending love, prayers and hugs!!


  8. I am just so happy for you I am in tears....I am so happy this precious child that I have prayed for since I first saw her face finally has a forever family. God bless you all.