Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Notary Day and Passport

Hi Everyone, We had all the paperwork notarized today and applied for Julia's passport. What's really interesting is that when we pulled into the lot of the government building, it looked like any business building parking lot in the States. The SUV's, BMW's, and Mercedes were parked everywhere. Our guide said the people that work there are very rich. You're either a have or have not; there's no in between. I know it is like that in most countries of the world; we are very blessed to be in America.

Julia is doing very well. She has very quiet, pensive moments, then her joyful giggles will burst out. I can tell she is going through the grieving process in her own way. Lydia really looks after her and loves being around her and now she is the one with the sore throat. She was so tired at the government building she fell asleep in the chairs. She slept most of the day when we returned and didn't feel like eating lunch. Mark stayed in the room with her and Julia and I went to the hotel restaurant. All of the workers love seeing her and I've noticed that she does not want to converse with them in Chinese. She stays quiet or will try to say something in English. However, she did call one of the hostesses Ayi which shows respect and the hostess was so happy!

Tomorrow we are going to the Inner Mongolia museum if Lydia is feeling up to it. She was feeling a little better after dinner and was in bed by 8:15.

The music in the restaurant has been traditional Christmas songs and guess which one keeps playing over and over? You guessed it, "Silent, Night." I just give thanks to God for letting us know He is with us along with the Blessed Mother. Please keep lifting us up in your prayers; we are continually giving thanks for your support. Until tomorrow..............blessings, Michelle, Mark, Lydia, and Julia


  1. After this year "Silent Night" will have a whole new meaning...every Christmas you will hear it and be reminded of your trip to bring Julia home. What sweet memories in the making!

  2. Michelle, I am so glad to hear things are going fairly well. Once you return and settled in I am going to have lots of questions for you about Hohot since that is where we will go to finalyze Drew's adoption as well.

    Julia looks so content in her daddy's lap. I will be praying that Lydia feels better soon and that Julia continues to get through this difficult process quickly.

    Much love,

  3. So glad to see all your updates! I am glad things are going well. We miss you guys and have you in our prayers. LOVE all the pictures. So sorry I missed your calls! Trully bummed and will try to SKYPE tonight or call. Love you guys!

  4. We enjoyed the video. Luke and Lily asked to see the pretty, pretty dance 3 more times!
    Hope Lydia feels better and our prayers continue for all of you,
    Linda Church

  5. You are all in our thoughts and prayers! I am looking forward to showing Ryan the Great Wall. they are studying ancient China in AIM. I am also going to share your updates with our RE class tomorrow. I do not think this feels "real" to them. I loved the videos and Julia's laugh is so infectious. Love, Kim Overholt

  6. I haven't had a chance to read your blog since early last week, so I am playing catch-up now!

    Praying that everyone is doing well!

    And how neat that God made His presence shine upon you through that beautiful Christmas song "Silent Night" ...still one of my favorites!! <><

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya