Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Better Days!

Hi Everyone, Let's try this once more! The last couple of days have been much better. After my last written post, we ran into another family at one of the little shops near the hotel. They have a five year old daughter and just added a two year old little boy. Their daughter started throwing a fit in the store and I told the parents I knew what they were going through. The wife said that adding the second one had been much harder than she had anticipated and wondered if maybe they had made a mistake. When she said that, it was like a weight lifted off me. It wasn't just our family having transition problems! Another way God showed me that He is with me and my family. He let me know that it was going to be okay.

We have enjoyed Italian, Thai, and German restaurants at night and during the day, we go to our American food favorite, Lucy's. BTW, another lady came up to me at the same restaurant and recognized Julia! She and her husband had tried to adopt another little girl from New Day, but weren't successful in obtaining her file. They were matched with another child, but keep up with New Day's web site.

Julia continues to have her ups and downs, but doesn't run to the phone as much to "call" her Chinese mom. She actually told me that she loved me tonight at bedtime;a huge step! She has been "wrestling" with Mark, but still gets upset when Lydia wrestles with him. We're puzzled about that one.

We had the infamous red sofa group pictures today as you could see in the previous post. She wore her Mongolian native dress and looked so cute! She had a meltdown right after those pictures because we wouldn't let her use the camera. When we returned to the room and she had calmed down, then we let her take some pictures.

Lydia is continuing to struggle with our attention being divided. I can only pray that she will be accepting and loving in time with Julia. I've never been in her shoes; I was the youngest and I'm trying to be patient with her. We'll keep praying!

Tomorrow we are visiting a flower garden, then in the afternoon we take our oath at the consulate. Thursday we take the 5:00pm train to Hong Kong, spend the night at the Hotel Regal, then fly to Newark,NJ. Three hours later we will head for home sweet home. It's been such a journey in so many ways and that journey will continue once we're home. Our family, friends, and church family will be so helpful as we adjust to life as a family of four. Thank you again for all your prayers and support, please continue! Until tomorrow..........................blessings, Michelle, Mark, Lydia, and Julia


  1. Once you get home in a normal routine...things will be better between the girls. We had meltdowns while in China as well. I was extremely homesick some days. Levi was so tired from all of the scheduled tours we had to do. I just wanted to reassure you it is all perfectly normal. :) We are praying that Lydia's throat infection heals quickly and that you all have a safe and uneventful flight back to the US. You are almost there....hang in there! BTW....we enjoyed eating at Lucy's as well. It was comforting toward the end of the trip especially when we were ready to go home to be able to eat a burger and fries! ha! The red sofa picures are lovely. I really like Julia's dress and hat.

  2. I love the red sofa pictures. I hope Lydia is feeling better. I am sure it will get better with the girls once you are settled at home. I just got back from San Antonio, Texas on a business trip! I have been also following the other family's journey that you referred to. They are a wonderful family also. Take care and God bless. Doris

  3. It's nice to know that you have been able to connect with other families who have experienced some of the same struggles as you. I agree, it is God's way of letting you know that everything will be okay...just give it time, patience and prayer. God is faithful, and He will see you through. In the end, I know the girls will become wonderful friends and sisters...and there will be that sibling rivelry, too. But the 'normalcy' of home will most certainly help and a new 'normal' will begin. Time is a healer of so many things, and I look forward to seeing how Julia blossoms at "home" and praying that Lydia will feel secure and adjust once you are home, too. You have so much love and support waiting for you at home... things are sure to just get better and better! In the meantime, we will continue to lift you all up in prayer. Hang in there!! <><

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  4. I am so excited you are on your way home...The Peters family is very excited about meeting Julia. Anne, Scott and the kiddos will be here for Christmas so we will all have to get together. Lydia is such a sweet loving girl and in time it will be like you have all been together forever. I wish you safe travels!