Thursday, December 17, 2009

Settling In!

Hi Everyone, Mark and I are closer to getting over the jet-lag. Julia and Lydia are fine with a nap here and there. My biggest complaint has been just feeling tired and not being able to sleep through the night. It'll get better; at least I didn't feel sick.
We have had a very busy week! We took Julia to the pediatrician on Monday and she ordered all kinds of blood tests. She referred us to an endocrinologist and a pediatric opthamologist. She also faxed our application to Scottish Rite Hospital here in Dallas. Julia is receiving such good medical care and the majority of it is being donated by the physicians! We are so blessed and God is so good.
We took her to meet her teacher and to see her classroom on Tuesday, then on Wednesday, she went to her class's Christmas party. She did really well and jumped right in on one of the games. Before the class Christmas party, Mark and I took her to have her hair shaped and trimmed. She fell asleep when the stylist dried her hair; she was so cute!
Today, we took her to the school district offices to have her language skills assessed. She will be placed in ESL (English as Second Language)when she starts kindergarten in January. The assessor could tell that she had had good instruction especially on writing/reading skills at the New Day preschool. Miss Sarah, if you are reading this, good job!
Tomorrow, Friday, she and Leah will reunite! Julia is so excited to see her friend;it has been about nine months since they have seen each other. When I asked which friends she misses the most, she said Leah, Emily, and Victoria. I'll let you know how the reunion goes and Saturday at 5:00, Julia will be introduced to the church parish.
Yes, it's been a busy week, but Julia has handled it very well. She still misses her Chinese home and talks about her life there. I love hearing about it! Until next post........................blessings, Michelle


  1. So glad to hear that you are getting settled into your new 'norm' and that Julia is taking it all in stride. I am SO happy for both her and Leah... please post photos and tell us all about it! What an exciting reunion that will be!!

    I'm not at all surprised to hear how well her assessment went and that they praised the good instruction Julia received from NewDay... we are so blessed that our chilren are (were) there!! Take care and have a fun time with Leah's famly!!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  2. It sounds like things are going great!!! I have no doubt that New Day prepared her well for her life here in the States! And how AWESOME that you are going to meet up with Leah and her family...what precious people! We all need another get-together in Dallas next time Jacob and Carrie are in town!

  3. Happy 1st Christmas with your beautiful Julia!!!


  4. Oh I am so thankful to hear about how she is doing. I know Dallas has some of the best hospitals and she will get the best treatment....I also know that China gave her one of the most special treatments I am so thankful that she was loved by so many before she came to live with her forever family.