Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting Closer to Home!

Hi Everyone! We are getting closer to wrapping up this part of our journey. We had a pretty busy day today. The flower garden tour was well worth it! It was beautiful and peaceful with fresh air. It reminded me of some of the landscape art at DisneyWorld. It was a nice sanctuary in a very busy city. I don't know if I mentioned before on the blog, but this whole area is under reconstruction. The city is hosting the Asian games in the future so all the buildings and roads near our hotel are being worked on. It makes for hazardous walks within a two mile radius.
I've bargained a little more for some last minute Christmas gifts; I'm quite pleased with my bargaining skills. In one of the stores, I wouldn't budge on the price so the sales lady kept adding more merchandise to the pile. We finally agreed and I ended up getting another suitcase in the bargain.
We went to the US Consulate this afternoon and took the oath to make Julia a citizen as soon as we touch American soil. Everyone started clapping and going woo hoo! The paperwork has come to a halt. There were about thiry eight families that repeated the oath together; it was a great moment to be an American! Overall we have had a good time and learned a lot about each other in the process. We just feel so blessed that we live in our country. God has been so good to us and we feel His presence even here where faith can't be expressed openly. The people we have encountered have a genuine goodness about them; that's the Holy Spirit! Until tomorrow..................................blessings, Michelle,Mark,Lydia, and Julia


  1. Great pictures!! This is so exciting. God is SO good!!!

  2. Hi Michelle:

    My husband, daughter (age 5 adopted in 2006 from Fuling China), and I all attend St. Jude's in Allen as well.

    I know you are on your way home but wanted to let you know that in Guangzhou, on the Island, there is a Catholic Church. Yes, a Roman Catholic Church. Unfortunately I do not remember the name or the street it was on. We were out walking one day and stumbled upon what looked like an old church with a statue of the Holy Mother in the front courtyard. It had Iron Gates in front of it. It looked so run down we assumed it was an old abandoned church. We took some photos in front of it and were about to move on when a tiny elderly woman appeared at the gate and invited us to come in. There wasn't anyone around except the care taker but we did take the opportunity to enter the sanctuary and light a candle for our dear daughter and for those who cared for her before us.

    I'm sorry I can't recall the name or location, it was not that far from Lucy's. Maybe you will stumble upon it as well.

    Have safe travels. We hope to meet you in the future, after everyone has settled back at home, and Julia has had time to adjust.

    Erin Pietrasik