Saturday, December 5, 2009

We made it to Guangzhou!

Hi Everyone, our flight from Hohot to Guangzhou landed close to 11:00pm. We had one short stop from Hohot to Batou. We needed to go to the restroom in the Batou airport; it's the first time we felt really out of place. There were no foreigners at all!
We arrived at the White Swan Hotel at 11:30; the girls slept on the plane and in the van to the hotel. Mark and I finally went to bed around 1:00am. There was no sleeping in because Julia's medical exam and was at 8:30. The rep from the agency told us that because there were so many families this time, only one parent was to go with the child to the medical exam. Mark went with Julia and I stayed with Lydia at the hotel. Mark said that everything went well, but they asked him, "is there any problem with Julia's brain?" Mark told the agency rep how she can count to 100 in Chinese and to 50 in English; she translated to the doctor. Mark said she had an amazed look on her face! They also called in another doctor when they examined her scoliosis. Mark had no idea what they were saying about it.
She ended up having to have three shots and a skin TB test. She didn't cry at all and told Mark that she was a brave girl. We are so proud of her for not crying! That's a lot of shots and we didn't prepare her ahead of time. We told her that she was going to the doctor for an exam.
We ate lunch at Lucy's - they have American type of food. It tasted good! Later, Mark had to go to a meeting for more paperwork in the agency rep's room. He was there for about 1 1/2 hours filling out paperwork. Lydia, Julia, and I went to the playroom at the hotel. It's a nice playroom for younger children, but Julia loved playing with the toys anyway.
Tomorrow we have the opportunity to get a Buddhist blessing for Julia, but aren't going to do it. We want Jesus's blessing only plus we want to sleep in. It has seemed weird that we've had to split up when doing paperwork/examinations etc., but you do what you have to do.
BTW, the hotel is nice, but we were very spoiled in Hohot. The White Swan's decor is older and seems in need of renovation. Also, there are tons more tourists here so it's very crowded at the buffet area. The weather is great, though. With that said.........there's no place like home, there's no place like home! Until tomorrow..............................HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSAY!!!!!!


  1. No foreigners at the White Swan? Wow....that is really amazing. Isn't their buffet awesome? I can't wait for you guys to finally get home with Julia and begin your life together. China is such a roller coaster huh?

  2. I am glad that you all made it to Guangzhou safely and that Julia was a brave girl during her shots. God bless and I look forward to your next post! Doris

  3. What a brave little girl you have. She is such a trooper!! Glad to hear that all went okay and is behind you. I'm guessing this is the point of the journey where "home" never sounded better! Enjoy this last week in your daughter's homeland and soak in every moment you'll be back in the states before you know it!!


    P.S.>> And hats off to you for your decision to only have Jesus' blessings over Julia... I personally feel the exact same way as you, and think it was a wise choice! God bless!! <><