Saturday, December 5, 2009

Emotional Meltdowns!

Hi Everyone! Today is the 13th day we've been away from home and we've all had emotional meltdowns in one way or another. I spoke to my Mom and Dad through Skype this morning and cried like a baby! We all are tired and Lydia still doesn't feel well. She still has a low-grade fever of 99.5 so I took her to the doctor at the hotel. She has a throat infection so they gave us an anti-biotic, some compounded vitamins, and some Chinese liquid medicine. I hope she gets better by the time we leave; she hasn't been able to eat much and is having a difficult time right now. Please pray for God to give her the strength to be a loving sister and to realize that she is loved as much now as before.

We went shopping around the hotel ( we were able to get a stroller for the week by turning in laundry at the store next door) and ran into a family from Maine. They have one five year old adopted daughter from China and just adopted a 2 year old boy. The five year old was throwing fits in the store and I mentioned the roller coaster of emotions. The wife and the husband both said it had been more difficult this time because their daughter wasn't used to sharing attention. It sounded like our family situation right now and I felt relieved that others were experiencing the same thing.

We ate at Lucy's again for lunch and I was taking Julia and Lydia to a public bathroom just a little way down from the restaurant, when someone said , "Excuse me, is that Julia from New Day near Beijing?" I couldn't believe it! The lady named Rebecca had visited New Day two years ago with her sister-in-law and recognized Julia! She and her husband, Jeremy, live in Guangzhou and were eating at Lucy's for lunch with their eight month old baby, Angela. What a small world. God is so good and gives us reassurance at every turn.

My favorite number is 14 so hopefully day 14 will be happy with no meltdowns - please pray for us. We're getting closer to bringing our girls home. Until tomorrow..........................blessings, Michelle, Mark, Lydia, and Julia


  1. SO glad that God is sending you blessings and reassurances when the going gets tough! He is glorious!!!

  2. NiHao from Leah Hope to Julia! I can't wait to see you and welcome you home to Texas. We put up our Christmas tree today and I also have one in my bedroom that has lime green, pink,blue,white and purple ornaments. It even has pink lights! This week I am singing on stage with my friends at school. We will be singing Christmas songs. I am excited.

    WOW you are bringing back many memories for our family. Leah was so thrilled when we finally got on the blog today. Glad to see all our prayers for you are being answered. The days are getting fewer and fewer so hang in there, Texas BBQ and fajitas are just around the corner. Lydia we hope you feel better soon.
    Love to all of you - Jeff-Kim-Hannah-James&Leah Ayers

  3. What a neat story about Rebecca and her recognizing Julia... indeed a special reassurance from God that He is still with you...always!!

    We will absolutely be praying for your family during this time of transition. Praying for Lydia and for her health, as well. What a nice note from Leah Hope's family... I can only imagine how excited the girls will be when they are reunited in Texas...what a gift to have them so close! God IS Good!!! <><

    Sending warm hugs and LOTS of love your way!

  4. We will be praying that Lydia feels better soon and that day number 14 is good day. You will be home very soon! God bless. Doris