Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Something Happened!

Hi Everyone, I just typed for one hour and lost everything that I had written!! Instead I will post some pictures and type everything all over again. I'm so bummed!! Until I can type everything again..........................blessings, Mark,Michelle,Lydia, and Julia.


  1. Michelle,

    Love the picture of you all together, and with Julia in her outfit!!

    The whole typing up a post and it disappearing happened to me while we were in China too- extra frustrating because I remember being soooo tired. I don't think my body adjusted fully to the time change until it was just about the time to leave....arrggghhh;-).

    Speaking of leaving and emotional meltdowns, I can so relate. Hang on..you're almost there! Once you get in your own environment things look so different and in many ways it will be easier for Julia. Obviously she'll still be grieving and missing China, and her China mom, but there won't be so many 'reminders' and being in America will make the transition 'real' and more permanent for Julia. She'll have an easier time moving forward. All I know is with Sophie, there was a dramatic change once we got home. The jet lag is tough going back though...I hope you will be able to have some help while you all re-adjust to the time change again. Think how wonderful it's going to be for you all to be home for Christmas:-)!!

    BTW, Lucy's was like a slice of heaven for us. I think we ate lunch there every day we were in G-zhou.

    I sounds like your doing a great job with Julia. The loss they go through is so tough...but you are doing such a good job helping her work through it. Your tenderness and compassion is so apparent in how your handling the emotional issues.

    I continue to pray for His guiding and healing hand on the adjustment you are ALL are going through, and especially for His comfort on Julia's heart.

    Hope Lydia's feeling better!

    Lots of hugs,

  2. Cute pictures! Gosh...Lydia looks so grown up - makes me want to cry! ;) Love you all!